A Movement - Sanna Helena Berger

A sound signals an allegorical avant-courier. Running ahead as a figurative fugue. It is a wave, just so curling. Its curvature; An arched echo. It fizzles and crackles and crepitates into a cacophony of terrene tempo. This overture weaves and waves and works itself into the collective composition. A many pieced suite. A rowing movement, an arrangement of scores. Scores sounding as substance. A subtext is a passage undulating. A variation of forms in free circulation. A speculative singular body is re-worked. Re-arranged as a condition of its disembodiment. Into the collective body and form. A narrative that culminates. A swelling volume. A mass, amassed. Sounding out the composition of delicate labour. An accompaniment of gestures and postures. The composed body. Out of several movements, released in flux. A sonata. Broken up by the occasional intermezzo. As a collective, a recital. The formation of a very large body. Intermittent ambient conditions, sounds that stammers, waves of movement. A variety of forms, performed as a series of sounds, staccato. Singular somehow. But in fact a deluge, a deafening acceleration. A crescendo.