The Jin

  1. skkkkkkkk
  2. kakokukaka
  3. amgod
  4. clazydrammm
  5. algoste
  6. Ch-En-zoom
  7. outgv
  8. quakinta
A glitched effect, like a heatmap, red, blue and yellow pixels ripple at the edge of white pixels.

CHE…ENC…ZOOM, if you don’t mind, the fourth release on Cherche Encore comes from dagshenma, who here ruptures and tears audio over eight piercing movements.

dagshenma is based in Kyoto, and has been producing under the name since 2002, just two years after y2k, which was AGES ago. dagshenma has previously released music with Chinabot, Hz Records, Zona Music and others.

Cover image by hmurd

Released January 15, 2019