Symplegades / gay Pret

Georgie McVicar & hmurd
  1. Georgie McVicar - Symplegades
  2. hmurd - gay Pret
Glowing script font text on a pink background, repeating the name of the songs 'Symplegades / gay Pret'.

Detuned 8021-9021 in Elektro Magnetische Schwebetechnik for Swedish Radio, 'Symplegades / gay Pret' is thought of rooms in couplet. Gasping medleys; EDGY SAMPLES. Gay as a minestrone. Cyclonic. Dogger. Cyaneae Insulae. Taketh unto Theylob, shaketh unto Shelob. Their lobes: apt. His lobes: grey. Ricocheting once. Qui sdegno…

Recorded at EMS Stockholm.

Cover by hmurd and Georgie McVicar

Released November 19, 2019