Tooth Rust
  1. Siebens
  2. Faggots + Dope
  3. Glass Transition
  4. Lollardy
  5. unknown screaming downtime wartime Flowers

Striae is a 5 track EP and first release by London-based artist Tooth Rust. With Striae the clue is in the name, which is a reference to striae distensae, commonly known as stretch marks. It stretches, warps and reassembles sounds resulting in a satisfying combination of clear percussions, eerie synths and heavy granulation. Striae also plays with text and poetry: "Faggots + Dope" channels high energy with an insistent sample of Gil Scott-Heron whilst "unknown screaming downtime wartime Flowers" takes inspiration in the work of UK poet Danny Hayward.

Artwork by Sophie Carapetian

Mixing and Mastering by Harry Murdoch

Released May 26, 2021