A beach alcove with white chalky walls and moss.

RTM Radio show: Poetry & Discussion

  1. Marion speaks about processing trauma through bilingualism
  2. And I Gut - p38
  3. Blue reads 3 - Where is Ban from Ban en Banlieue by Bhanu Kapil
  4. Vocal Sniper - Nobel
  5. Shahla Omar talks about Kurdish poetry and linguistic imperialism
  6. JPEG Mafia
  7. Blue and Paulus in Japan
  8. A letter from Imani Elizabeth Jackson
  9. Is it cold in the water - SOPHIE
  10. Sarah Lasoye talks about poetry, trauma and translation
  11. Lighter than aluminium - Felicia Atkinson
  12. Blue reads a poem by Rena Minegishi
  13. Amazon dawn - M6 (exael edit)

This month’s show is a replay of the first ever time Cherche Encore was on radio, back in 2018 on Comet Radio. It’s a compilation of readings and thoughts from poets and writers on poetry, imperialism, trauma and dissociation. The show was originally thought of after reading the poetry book Ban en Banlieue by Bhanu Kapil.