A person wearing a bodywarmer with sunglasses poses for four images.

RTM Radio show with Tpongle

  1. Roger Gerressen - Monoaware Track 6 [Sushitech]
  2. Voigtmann - Tons Of Tones [Subsequent]
  3. Zenker Brothers - Mintro [Ilian Tape]
  4. Novio Dub Tribe - Kakiuchi [Irenic]
  5. Crihan - Dominant Desire [Playedby]
  6. Markus Sommer - Galaxy Diaries (Suicide Mix) [Pager]
  7. Jin Choi - Black Dot [Contexterrior]
  8. Lawrence - Moonlight [Giegling]
  9. Sublee - Miurshinis [Morning People]
  10. Glueped - Clipe [Bleu Ciel]
  11. Finetune - Beliy Svet [Slowdance]
  12. Conforce - Plateau [Delsin]

This month’s host of Cherche Encore is Tpongle. The show was recorded in our shared home, somewhere in South London, where the murmur of the familiar and reassuring kick at 120bpm escapes daily out of the half opened door of her room. She brings the finest selection of house and minimal techno, with many emotional turns. Like a soundtrack to our shared isolation, this show is a window to our home, an ode to (our) house, and the friendships it hosts.