artist alero (a black non-binary person) takes a selfie in the mirror as they are squatting down on the floor with posters of various colours above their head

RTM show with Alero

  1. ALERO- UntowardAfrorack- Last Modular
  2. war scenes- T_K_M_1
  3. ALERO- Used
  4. ALERO- Moments
  5. ALERO- Glands 1
  6. Uwalmassa- Kabut Zamen
  7. Paul Lansky- Idle Chatter
  8. Kotra- The Virtue of Consistency
  9. Arexibo- )))) ))) Swimming. Turtles
  10. ALERO- 2 and one
  11. Never Worse- Landfill
  13. Michael Banabila- Camera (featuring Olaf Keus)
  14. HUMA- Init
  15. ALERO- End (bass sessions 37)

This month we invite sound artist and composer ALERO to share a collage of their own pieces and music that they relate to their practice, ahead of a release for us later in the year. They develop their work using found sounds, synthesisers and other objects alongside the voice as an instrument and a point of contact. Their work is often in the realm of ‘heavy’ sound, exploring the reaches of what this can mean.